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Meet this 13 year old business owner!

My name is Lauren Seachris and I am 13 years old.

I started my business, Lauren's Treat, in March 2016 with a goal to build 5 homes for the extreme poor in Nicaragua which was $26,000.  Each home costs $5200 and I reached my goal in November of 2017!

I decided to continue on this amazing journey and build more homes for the extreme poor.  House #6 was built in August 2018!!

All of my products are homemade.  My dog treats are individually made & cut out with cookie cutters.  My chew toys use donated recycled t-shirts.  My bow ties are made from scrap fabric.  I make my paw balm with fresh ingredients as well.  My favorite product offered is the bow tie, because they are cute on dogs and I can even add a bobby pin to wear in my own hair!  All of these products will be available at Cider Days!

I have a Facebook page, Lauren's Treat as well as my website,

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