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2024 Vendor registration

Application Details

September 21 & 22, 2024 | Stormont Vail Event Center

Saturday 10AM-6PM | Sunday 10AM-4PM

Bring your business to the 2024 Cider Days Fall Market. A Cider Days representative will email you within 7 business days to notify you of your application status.


Please send any correspondence or payment to the address below:


PO BOX 8114

Topeka, KS 66608

Details for the 2024 Show

- Each booth will have access to a 10x10 space and 4 weekend passes to Cider Days.

- We will keep updating the website periodically with important information. 

Cider Days Fall Market

The booth options for the 2024 show are outlined below. Each booth space comes with a 10x10 space and 4 weekend passes to Cider Days. 

How do you know what section is best for your business? See examples below.

  • Cider Days Marketplace: Handmade + vintage goods, artisan food, no mass-produced items. Must have at least 75% handmade items to qualify.

  • Commercial Vendors: Direct sales company, salon, spa, franchise, boutique, service industry, etc. Products are not handmade.

Select Your Booth

# of Booth Spaces Needed: Please indicate in the description box below.

Select your booth add ons.

Category of Products/Services

Are you interested in being a sponsor of this event? 

Thanks for submitting!

MOVE IN TIMES for Cider Days Fall Market will be on Friday September 22, from 10am to 8:00pm. Booths must
be set up by 9:30am on the 23rd and ALL vehicles (unless being used for Food trailer) must be out of the loading
area by 9:00am. No exceptions. Booths may not be taken down until Sunday the 24th at 4pm (even if you sell out
of merchandise). There is a $50 fine for closing your booth before the event ends.
• Sales of food and drinks (non-alcoholic beverages) are only permitted to food vendors. If your booth engages in
selling food without paying the food vendor fee you will be charged the food vendor rate + a $50 fine.
• We do not supply canopies, tables, water, or electricity for outside vendors. We do have partners that rent these
items. Please contact us for additional details. We only provide a 10x10 exhibitor area.
• The Producer will furnish the INDOOR exhibit space with a 10x10 area, site security, aisle cleaning, and
extensive advertising (TV, newspaper ads, internet ads, radio spots, banners, email blasts, Facebook & Instagram,
and coupons).
• Insurance, which is recommended, must be obtained by each Exhibitor at his or her own expense. The Producer
and City of Topeka assume no risk; and by the acceptance of this agreement, the Exhibitor expressly releases the
Producer and City of Topeka of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury, or loss to any person or goods
which may arise from the rental and occupation of said space by the Exhibitor, and agrees to hold and save the
Producer harmless of any loss or damage by reason thereof.
• By signing this Agreement, Exhibitor agrees that the Producer shall not be liable for any claim or monetary loss of
any type sustained by Exhibitor relating to the Cider Days arising by virtue of Force Majeure, including but not
limited to strike, riot, war, civil insurrection, accidents, acts of God, government preemption in connection with a
national emergency, or by virtue of any festival cancellation caused by the building owner or any third party due to
circumstances beyond the control of the Festival Organizer.
• By signing this agreement, Exhibitor is agreeing not to sell import items/commercial items, kits, articles not made
by the Exhibitor, and bare wood (except for pre-approved toys due to paint toxins). Exhibitor agrees to no sale or
reduced price signs & no reps.
• Exhibitor will be required to follow all applicable laws, ordinances, exhibition rules and regulations, and terms of
the lease between Zach Events, LLC.. and the facility owner. Sales tax is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
Exhibitor’s name and address will be given to the Department of Revenue responsible for each of the show sites.
CANCELLATION POLICY: A service charge of 30% of the total space fee will be charged to the Exhibitor
for cancellations prior to April 1st. For cancellations occurring April 2nd and after, there will be NO refund.

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